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Connect with yourself and get a clear picture on what you’d really like life to look like.

The to-do list just doesn’t seem to fit into a day.

We’re so busy doing that we don’t recognize we’re on autopilot, in a rut, or even completely off track. Seemingly out of nowhere, life isn’t as fulfilling as we’d like it to be. It’s easy for this to happen. Our push-forward, please-everyone lifestyle makes it hard to see what needs to change or how to do it.

So we make life decisions by default of what is normally done.

We maintain the status quo but feel restless.

Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be this way. You can be purposeful in how you create your days – and thereby, your life.

Hi, I’m Chelsey!

Purpose-Driven: I’m a coach, certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), that feels compelled to make life meaningful for myself and others.

Outdoor-Inspired: I’m a mountain climber, cyclist, and outdoor educator whose best self, and ideas, come alive when pushing my limits in the open air.

While I always identified with this lifestyle, it wasn’t always a conscious priority. Making this change has made me more self-aware, reslient, and empowered. It has given me the mindset and tools to not only achieve great things and overcome great obstacles, but, most importantly, have the courage to live life as it makes sense to me.

Through Finding North, I love helping people discover their true North, build their connection with the natural world, and live their best lives.

“I followed your advice and woke up to hike and see the sunrise at the base of the Towers in Torres del Paine. Priceless!!! Thank you!!”

“You have inspired me to start hiking!!”

“I’m following your blogs and day by day reports for my Aconcagua climb next year, thank you!!”

“Someday I want to read your book, so I can really feel the things you feel in these moments. Thank you for sharing.”

“I always wanted to try climbing but was scared to do so… but I think I’m gonna go for it!!”


help you live a meaningful, adventurous life.

Life & Career

Identify what you want life to look like. See what you're doing and who's in it. Build the courage to make the choices that will make it a reality.

Outdoor & Backpacking

Accomplish your hiking, climbing, or biking projects and goals. Develop the skills and mindset needed to feel safe and confident in the outdoors.

Outdoor Events
Educational & Recreational

Join one of our upcoming hikes, climbs, or retreats. Develop skills and witness magical places while connecting with yourself, others, and nature.

North is your guiding set of values and priorities. It represents your current balance of life’s important elements. When you’ve found your North, you can’t get lost. Life may get chaotic, and you may wander off path, but it shines bright and shows you the way back. 

You’re living your North when you can go to bed at night feeling peace with how you’re spending your days and living your life.

Your North evolves as you do.



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Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it.

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