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Finding North guides people in creating more purpose-driven, outdoor-inspired lives.

Hi, I’m Chelsey!

Purpose-Driven: I’m a coach, certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), that feels compelled to make life meaningful.

Outdoor-Inspired: I’m a mountain climber, cyclist, and outdoor educator whose best self, and ideas, come alive when pushing my limits in the open air.

While I always identified with this lifestyle, it wasn’t always a conscious priority. Making this change has made me more self-aware, reslient, and empowered. It has given me the mindset and tools to not only achieve great things and overcome great obstacles, but, most importantly, have the courage to live life as it makes sense to me.

Through coaching and educational, outdoor recreation, I love helping people discover their true North, build their connection with the natural world, and live their best lives.

“I followed your advice and woke up to hike and see the sunrise at the base of the Towers in Torres del Paine. Priceless!!! Thank you!!”

“You have inspired me to start hiking!!”

“I’m following your blogs and day by day reports for my Aconcagua climb next year, thank you!!”

“Someday I want to read your book, so I can really feel the things you feel in these moments. Thank you for sharing.”

“I always wanted to try climbing but was scared to do so… but I think I’m gonna go for it!!”


What can I help you with?



Are you living life the way you want to? What changes could help you feel more fulfilled and at peace? What’s getting in your way from making this happen? We can work on this.

Time outside will also help you find those answers and, if you combine coaching with outdoor activity, you’ll see results one heck of a lot faster! Need some support to feel more self-sufficient and confident in the outdoors? We can help with this, too.

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Get outdoors, safely & responsibly

The more you get outside, the more you push your comfort zone, the more you develop your skills, the more you want to learn. We get that! Check out our library of written resources and join our live, online education sessions.

Looking for someone to get outside with? A great way to get started is by going with guides who not only provide exciting experiences, but also teach skills along the way. We organize day and multi-day activities in North and South America.

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This (life) is not a dream

Life is full of mountains begging to be climbed…. and a good majority of them exist in our head. With inspirational and funny stories from the mountain, accident recovery, and creating a new life abroad, I’d love to join your group and talk about how limits can’t be trusted, big ideas become reality and happiness is the root of motivation.

While not everyone has the literal opportunity to start over, while we’re lucky enough to be here on Earth, that reality is that it’s never too late.

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North is your guiding set of values and priorities. It is that place where you go to bed each night feeling peace with how you’re spending your days and living your life. Your unique North represents your balance of life’s important aspects – your health, finances, relationships, fun, and development.

Your North evolves right along with you.

With your North identified, you cannot get lost. Life may get chaotic, but it keeps you on track. If you wander off, it helps you find your way back.


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Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it.

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