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All Aconcagua climb / summit permits need to be done in person in the city of Mendoza, Argentina, located a few hours from the Parque Provincial Aconcagua where you’ll start your expedition.

It doesn’t need to be hard, but it can be. This article provides a step by step to getting your permit hassle free.

Simple steps to get your Aconcagua climb permit

When you’ve got your Aconcagua climb all planned, you’ve figured out if you going with a guide or going it alone… or something in between…. you’ve got your itinerary ready, you know what equipment and gear your packing, you’re all set! Just a quick trip to Mendoza to get that nuance of an errand done, so that you can sip coffee annd mosey the beautiful picturesque streets of the city and enjoy your last day in civilization for a couple weeks. Sounds great, right? Well, if you want that to be the case, get your Aconcagua climb permit logistics down pat.

For starters, it’s important to understand that your Aconcagua climb permit price changes depending on where you are from and if you are using some sort of service (assistance) or not while on the mountain. Assistance counts as any type of service on the mountain – miles, food, and/or guides. As you’ll notice, there is a significant reduction in permit price if you are using assistance, which is why I recommend hiring mule service at the minimum. Read this article for more information.

The 2022/2023 Aconcagua permit prices are as follows:

  • Foreigner without assistance: USD$ 1300 / with assistance: USD$ 800
  • Latin American without assistance: USD$ 950 /with assistance: USD$ 600
  • Argentian without assistance: AR$ 27000 / with assistance: AR$ 22000
  • Mendoza resident without assistance: AR$ 17000 /with assistance: AR$ 11000

Have your permit day down to a science, because hustling around Mendoza in 35C/100F heat, in sandals that are just waiting to give your feet a blister before you even hit the mountain, is NOT very pleasant. Trust me, from experience.

Chelsey Berg

Step 1: Go to meet with your mule / service agency

Coordinate prior to arriving to Mendoza with the agency you will use mules / any other services with. For example, INKA, Grajales, etc. You need to meet with them first, before any other errand, so that they give you a certain form, with a certain stamp. This verifies you receive the “with assistance” fee.

If you aren’t using any services from any agency, you go can skip and go straight to #2.

Guide to Climb Mount Aconcagua
Guide to Climb Mount Aconcagua
Guide to Climb Mount Aconcagua
Guide to Climb Mount Aconcagua
Guide to Climb Mount Aconcagua

Step 2: Pay for your Aconcagua summit permit, in dollars or argentinean pesos

The ascent / summit permit is valid for 21 days, and they are very strict on this. You must pay, in cash. Your agency will give you the address of where to pay for this, depending on if you are paying in dollars or pesos. You cannot pay first, as you need the forms from the agency in order to pay!

For an Aconcagua climb, there are various permit options, so don’t make a mistake! If your intent is to summit, you need the ascent / summit permit. The others allow you to just go to base camp, others just to enter and do light trekking up to the Laguna Horcones, etc.


Send me a message and let me know what country you want to climb mountains in. I’ll send you contact information of certified guides I trust.

Finding North - Life Coaching and Outdoor Activities

Step 3: Go to the tourism office, Parque Provincial Aconcagua, in San Martin Park in Mendoza

This is your LAST step. There is no wifi at the office and the guys are not always so particularly friendly. This means as someone coming form another country, without service on your phone, you need to have everything in order!!  You go to the office, which is in MENDOZA in Parque San Martin (it changed offices in the 2017/2018 season, so double check your address if it says differently!).

You head to this park, which is towards the end of town in a little roundabout, called Rotonda Caballitos de Marly – Parque Gral. San Martín de la Ciudad de Mendoza. You go here with

  1. your forms from the agency, signed and stamped,
  2. the stamped form that says you paid the permit and
  3. your passport or identity card (for Chileans, your DNI carnet works).

Alright, you’re on your way! Have a good Aconcagua climb!!

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