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Aconcagua Guide and Mountain Guide Recommendations

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Going to the mountain with a local guide not only makes your summit much more likey but hands down, much safer and with a lot less work. If you’re looking for an Aconcagua guide or mountain guide for other mountains in South America, I’ve got a few recommendations.

Ir a la montaña con un guía local no solo hace que tu cumbre sea mucho más fácil, sino que también es mucho más segura y con mucho menos trabajo. Si está buscando una guía de montaña o guía de Aconcagua para otras montañas en América del Sur, tengo algunas recomendaciones.

Luciano Badino

Mauricio and I and our friend Luciano, one of the best Aconcagua guides around.

I met Luciano when I was climbing Ojos del Salado, when he was taking another wonderful guy named Paul to the summit, who was preparing for Everest (and sequently summited the mountain of all dreams!!). Luciano is awesome, truly knowledgeable and prepared to take you to the top with a smile and fun while you’re at it.

Luciano has over 30 successful summits and has spent most of his professional career on Aconcagua. He is an Aconcagua guide, as well as a mountain guide on Pissis, Ojos del Saldo, and more.

Contact Luciano and check out more of his climbing resume on these links:

Jaime Xavier

Jaime and I on our way to the summit. It was so cold, -25C at least, and you can see camp 3 below. The sun rose and made a motivating reflection of the summit in the sky.

Jaime is a class act. I met him on Aconcagua, when my climbing partner could no longer continue. I went around asking at other camps who else was continuing on that day, so that I could potentially tag up and not be completely alone. Jaime was truly wonderful and I was able to witness his support to his clients.

Jaime is an Aconcagua guide as well as mountain guide on Ojos del Salado, Pissis, and more.

Contact Jaime and find out about his summits.

  • +54 9 3875 18 7870