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to help you get inside and get moving on your path

you can feel more
true to yourself accomplished balanced passionate healthy

What’s stopping you? Whether you’re looking for a little more excitement, a little more time to spend on what’s important, or even just to feel a little more yourself, so many things can stand in your way.

External pressures. Internal pressures. Overwhelmed not knowing where to start. Overwhelmed not knowing how it ends.

At the root, there’s usually fear. Fear of failure, of success, of the unknown, of judgement, of hurting others, of dissapointing others, of regret.

And so often, instead of conquering this mountain, you maintain the status quo. You get so busy “doing” that you forget, or don’t even recognize, that you’re on autopilot, in a rut, or completely off path. But, eventually, you feel restless. Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to.

Finding (Your) North
Wheel of Life Workbook

Download this workbook to check-in on how aligned you are living to your North, identify where you may have wandered off path, and gain clarity on the steps to get back on.

Finding North - Life Coaching and Outdoor Activities


so you can summit your mountains and live life’s adventure

Get clear on where you’re going

If you aren’t clear on your “North”, every day is left to chance. Identify what a happy, healthy life looks like and be more intentional with your decisions and days.

Get unstuck and start moving

Once you know where you’re going, it’s a lot easier to see the different paths that take you there. Make the decisions and changes to move ahead while enjoying the journey.

Connect with your courage

Putting in the work to move forward takes courage. It means accepting and believing in yourself, being intentional with “yes” and “no”, and setting boundaries.

Build relationships and connections

Happiness is real when shared. With a supportive, genuine system around you, life is more fulfilling and you are capable of reaching greater heights.

Feel alive and love your life

Align life with your purpose and priorities. Bring joy and feed your passion by learning a new skill, stretching your comfort zone, and taking charge of your days.

Dream big and make it happen

Set goals, define milestones, and turn those dreams into reality. Identify the barriers, limits, and fears that get in your way so you can courageously move forward.


the hardest mountains to climb are the ones within


  • Visualize how you want to live
  • Embrace it, even if it’s not what others want
  • Develop the courage to live it, not dream it
  • Overcome fears and beliefs holding you back
  • Be intentional with daily decisions and actions

This coaching is focused on helping you find, embrace, and live your unique path in this life (your North). Maybe it’s a shift in your lifestyle or career, maybe it’s developing different habits and routines, or maybe it’s about expanding into something new. We’ll work to make the changes you need to feel happy, fulfilled, and connected with what brings you meaning.

Our next 3-month cohort will start in October 2023.

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  • Incorporate outdoor activity into your life
  • Get support in preparing your next activity
  • Feel self-sufficient, confident & safe in the outdoors

This coaching is focused on helping you find joy and build confidence through limit-stretching outdoor activities. Where your limits lie matter less than your desire to stretch them – it doesn’t matter if you are just starting or taking it to the next level. We will identify the skills, develop the mindset, and take the steps to channel the power of the outdoors in your life.

Our next 3-month cohort will start in October 2023.

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Finding North - Life Coaching and Outdoor Activities


Purpose-driven people who feel compelled to make life meaningful for yourself and others.

Outdoor-inspired people whose best self comes alive when experiencing beautiful places and pushing your limits in the open air.

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