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Education. Empathy. Equality. Responsibility. Ideas.
…. Can Change the World.

Santiago is filled with universities, and, as enrollment opens in January, right now they are all fighting for the best and the brightest.  While most are screaming the same story, (boring little thought bubbles with available majors floating around, overused messages of “the studies you need today, the life you want tomorrow,”  etc) this campaign by Universidad Alberto Hurtado jumped out and made quite an impression.

While the design could use some touches, the simplicity works. And, the powerful message holds its weight. One night I was walking to a meeting and, as I crossed the bridge, the Education Can Change the World billboard stood tall, shining over the river, and grabbed my attention. It was the first ad I’d seen of the campaign and I remember wanting to come back during the day and take a picture.

Then, the next day, when I walked into the metro station, I saw Equality Can Change the World as I waited for my metro to work. Then, the other messages popped up all over the city in perfectly strategic areas.

Not only does the message hit home, but I appreciate that they took they took the time to explain what education is, why it’s important, and what we can do with it.  I love each of words they chose – Education. Empathy. Equality. Responsibility. Ideas.

This campaign activated some interesting internal reflection, and made me think about the impact that these topics are having on the world as we know it… it’s mind-blowing to imagine what this world would look like if each of these areas were truly accepted and realized. It gets me, and hopefully others, thinking about the power we each hold… the things we can do… the collective power of small actions.

Education gives us knowledge and knowledge gives us power. And with that power comes a certain responsibility.

As many of you know, I’ve often said that, in my opinion, so many of the world’s problems have a solution in education. Not held to education in the strictest form but also in its most general significance – to remind us that our reality is not everyone’s reality, that many of the resources in this world are finite, that we are all the same, human beings, just living different lives, that litter and ill-focused graffiti make an impact on the future of a neighborhood, that every action we take has a consequence, be it positive or negative, etc.

Now that the campaign has been running a few weeks, the design is staying the same but the messages are now reflecting the available degrees – the means that each individual can take in their unique path to making their change. While I’m not in the market, if I was, I would definitely look into Universidad Alberto Hurtado. This recruitment campaign tells me they obviously understand the power they are bestowing in their students and that they will go about ensuring each can achieve his/her fullest potential.

I hope these heavily saturated messages have “clicked” even in the slightest to remind the 7M people in this city that we each hold the power to change this world… through seeking Education, having Empathy, allowing Equality, taking Responsibility, and accepting Ideas.