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Thanks to Coronavirus, many of us are stuck at home and it’s normal to lack the motivation to workout. But, now more than ever, we need to keep moving in order to keep our spirits up and give us energy for the day. Here is a list of solid quarantine workouts, exercises and videos. With a routine ready, working out will be much easier and there’ll be one less excuse to not workout at home!

I did a survey on my Instagram and 32% of people said they aren’t working out at home, AT ALL! And another 13% responded that they are doing so just 1 time per week. Diving a bit deeper, 22% revealed that they aren’t working out because they simply don’t know what at home exercises they can do during this quarantine time.

Well, that’s an easy fix!! I’ve put together a good list of quarantine workouts – compiled from Instagram pages, YouTube workout videos, apps, and also a reminder of the basic exercises that you can use to compose your own at home workout. When the motivation is low, it’s even harder if we don’t have a routine ready.

Low motivation is also a sign that your spirits might be a little low. Doing physical activity gives us a beautiful sense of satisfaction, so, doing a quarantine workout will also be a boost for your mental health! And, being realistic, we all need that during these times of health, financial, and economic uncertainty.

I workout now to be ready later.

I dearly miss my outdoor workouts, my weights-focused gym workouts, and, of course, being in the mountain! But, what motivates me each day to do my quarantine workouts, is that desire to be ready whenever it is that I can get back to where I love to be! On top of it all, my body is a far cry from where it was before the accident, so I want to take advantage of the quarantine to workout and eat well. This is a unique opportunity for those of us wanting to lower our fat percentage, as the social distractions and happy hours are off the table!

Personally, I have found that maintaining a routine has helped a ton. Planning my daily quarantine workouts has helped me make eating and work decisions accordingly. That way, I’m not full, or right in the middle of a project, and constantly saying, “in a little bit.”

The first week in quarantine (in Chile we can’t even go for walks or runs outside), I really struggled – I didn’t workout regularly and I was constantly munching out of pure anxiousness. Installing a routine has changed everything, for me, and I can see and feel the difference in my body and mind.

You don’t need a gym to get in shape!
You can get and stay in shape within the walls of your own house.

Here is a list of exercises and videos for your quarantine workouts.

1. The best, basic exercises for working out at home:

  • Burpees (cardio)
  • Jumping-jacks (cardio)
  • Mountain Climbers (cardio)
  • High Knees (cardio)
  • Jump-rope (cardio)
  • Push-ups (muscle)
  • Squats (muscle)
  • Lunges (muscle)
  • Plank (muscle)

According to your level, you can do 30 seconds – 1 minute of the cardio exercises and 10 – 20 reps of the muscle ones. It should be a quantity of time and reps that chalenges you. You can then repeat that set of exercises 3 – 5 times, with 1 – 2 minutes of rest between each set.

There are so many variations for those basic exercises, depening on if you are looking to emphasize cardio or strength. If you want to increase the cardio, add in a bit of jumping! Squat jumps, jumping lunges, burpees with jumps, plank with alternating levels (changing from supporting your weight on your forearms to your hands and back down), etc. You can also add in “pulsing” and “holding”.

In summary, the workout variations for these foundational exercises are:

  • the normal exercise
  • the exercise with a jump – in the high point of the position, jump
  • the exercise with pulsing – stay in a lower point of the position and “pulse”
  • the exercise with holding – stay in the low point of the position and hold

To increase strength, strap on a backpack with a quanity of weight that works for you – using weights if you have them, or things in the house like rice, beans, etc.

With these exercises and their variations, you can put together simple, powerful, quarantine workouts, whether they are 5 minutes or 30.

2. Use the stairs to great workout at home

The stairs are an awesome workout tool and you can do them with or without a backpack of extra weight. To not get bored, you can add in a few variations:

  • Walking them normally
  • Running them as fast as you can
  • Skipping a step
  • Skipping two steps

Here’s a nice stairs workout that I love to add in before or after a lighter workout. Another cool thing about this one is that you can vary it up a million ways, changing how you do the stairs or which exercises you do between sets.

Walk the stairs, up and down, for 5 minutes

Main stairs workout

  • Run up and walk down 5 flights of stairs (this # depends on your house or apartment building)
  • Normal squats 30 seconds, holding squat in low position 30 seconds
  • Repeat 2-3 times according to your level
  • Run up and walk downv5 flights of stairs, skipping one step
  • Go to a stair and do 1 minute of calf raises, making sure to get a good, full calf extension
  • Repeat 2-3 times according to your level
  • Run up and walk down 5 flights of stairs. First flight skip one step, second flight skip two steps, continue alternating.
  • Run up and walk down, 5 flights of stairs. First flight skip two steps, second flight skip one step, continue alternating.

Walk the stairs, up and down, for 5 minutes

3. Videos and “live” sessions for an injection of motivation in your quarantine workouts

Instagram Pages

  • Fitnessblender – This page shares full body and muscle group focused exercises almost daily. Their website is packed with over 600 workouts which you can specify every detail you want, including of your trainer is male or female!
  • Kayla_itsines – This page shares a lot of beginner workouts as well as tips for increasing difficulty. She emphasizes good form and health education, which I really appreciate!
  • Fitnesstuts – This is one of those pages that picks up info from many places. They share routines for different muscle groups, which is nice for putting together a few a day for a full week of workouts. They include videos and drawings of the exercises.
  • Funseekerfitness – This page is great for those just getting started or who are looking to lose sustainable weight as Katie is really motivating and funny. I also love to add in a few of her workouts after my workout, to really push a certain muscle group, or I also put a few of her workouts together to create a longer, full body workout. She has a bunch of videos on her YouTube.

Youtube Workout Videos

  • Daniela Mora Fitness – She only has a few but they are great videos of BodyPump, full body, and core. For all levels.
  • Les Mills – They have a bunch of excellent free content.
  • Tabata Songs – I love adding in Tabata workouts after a workout, to finish up with an explosion of strength and giving it my all. These are also perfect if you don’t have a lot of time and want something short but worth it. You can squeeze one or a couple of these in between meetings or even at the end of the day, if you didn’t get a workout in but would like to do something before showering.

Workout Apps for your phone

  • Doviesfitness – a really complete app with many really good workouts you can do at home. You can choose between cardio, crossfit or according to muscle groups.
  • Adidas Training – this app has 32 routines between 10 – 90 minutes and a video instruction guide of 190 exercises. There are also some workouts accoding to choose from if your looking specifically for fat-burning or strength, or for workouts in less than 15 minutes.

Home workouts, Part 2

In the next article I will share an interview with my Coach Mauricio Pavez, and we’ll give tips for putting together your own at home quarantine workouts. Sometimes when you want to focus on a certain muscle group, or you want to piece together a few routines or ideas from different places, it’s hard to know how to complement everything, in order to put together an efficient and effective full workout routine.

The most important thing is that you keep moving so that, when we get out of this situation, you can get back into nature with more love, respect, and passion than ever! 😉

What did you think of these exercises and sites? Did you like them? Do you have questions? Let me know!