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We raffled off more than 70 prizes and we picked winners from a pot of almost 3000 tickets. This was truly more than an event that would help me pay my very high, and accumulating, medical bills, it was one that also would fill me with gratitude for my life and the people in it.

Here’s a lovely video that beautifully captures the moments shared that evening: thanks to Francisco Palacios Reyes from D85 Studio

At 4:00pm we were at Fiddler´s Irish Pub, cutting virtual tickets and unstapling the print versions. One by one we were putting them in the jar that would serve as our raffle jar … until we couldn´t get even one more ticket in. We had to run to Fiddler´s for help, searching for a pot big enough to hold all the tickets purchased by all the beautiful souls supporting me in my recovery. I could hardly believe it.

At 7:00pm people started arriving, enoying happy hour prices all night and taking selfies, tagging @findingthenorth for an extra opportunity to win a delicious wine from Viña Cremaschi Furlotti.

A selfie with my fellow outdoor fanatics

At 8:00pm, MJ Matthei, the super fun and entertaining host for the evening, got everyone´s attention and together we welcomed everyone, thanked them for coming, and began raffling the first set of prizes. Every half hour we raffled off another 13-15 prizes, seeing who would have a lucky streak that evening.

I tried to say hello and talk to everyone, but amongst the caos of the more than 100 people un a space designed for less, I am sure I missed a few and didn’t get to show attention to everone who graced me with their time.

My friend MJ, the hostest with the mostest

It was incredible for me to see and feel so much support from so many people. I am so blessed.

It was very, very beautiful to see my friends, friends of friends, colleagues, fellow mountaineers, fellow climbers, gym team …. all of my worlds mixed in one single place, showing me their overflowing support in the hardest time of my life.

Here is a list of the winners, Iñve contacted them all and I’ll coordinate pick-ups through the end of august. At that time, I’ll do another random electronic raffle of all purchased numbers.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated!! Your support makes a bigger impact than you can imagine!!


Mountain and Sport Prizes

Relax the body and mind prizes

Delicious Prizes

  • Cristina da Costa, #1807 – Botella de Vino 2015 Almaviva Epu
  • Caja de Galletas Horno Dominga
    • Francisco Aguilero, #055; Luis Briceño, #182;
      Gerardo Arancibia, #5866
  • Vino Viña Cremaschi Furlotti
    • Alvaro Araya, #145; Luis Valdes Vargas, #6137; Mariechen Graepp, #1534; Thomas Lira, #1958; Cristobal Mandujano, #1710; Gabriel Flores, #2072; Natalia Bugedo, #5965; Felipe Pino, #5972; Federico Castellacci, #1613
  • Caja de productos organicos certificados frescos
    • Alfredo Cruz Figueroa, #1136; Alex Jones, #1744; Manuel Aliaga Pinto, #5335
  • Cristian Rojas Sepulveda, #5859 – Caja de Cervezas BlessBier
  • Miguel Muñoz, #2086 – Caja Cervezas Tubinger

Learn and have fun prizes

  • Karina Ubeda, #2553 – Clases de Joyería, Claudia Correa Escuela de Joyería
  • Juan Eduardo Ugarte, #1187 – Cartera de la India
  • Pamela Figueroa, #5888 – 4 entradas VIP para Dave Evans, primer vocalista de AC DC
  • Carolina Mella, #5780 – Disco Vinilo The Beatles
  • Claudia Cabezas, #452 – Amirigumi Figura de Unicornio

House prizes

  • Maria Cristina Perroni, #1001 – Zero Waste Kit, Pauchamama 
  • Sophia Ospina, #759 – Custom Espejo de Camila Ojeda Cuadros
  • Priscila Diaz, #5451 – Horno Eléctrico
  • Viviana Zambrano, #238 – Montaña chilena en tu mano
  • Jonnathan Martinez, #5600 – 100.000 Giftcard Cencosud
  • Gaston Hevia, #241 – Foto en marco de Felipe Aria Urra
  • Marina Ettlin, #5688 – Cerámico boutique
  • Cubre Cama de Pluma
    • Iris, #2030; Liana Gomez, #368

Note: The ticket numbers, given to Eduardo Aránguiz, trainer of Trident Labs, were never given to the raffle committee. Therefore, people who purchased tickets from him should directly solicit their refund. We are sorry for any confusion and inconvenience.

Please read my thank you post, meant to try and show how appreciative I a, for all the support, in all its forms, that I’ve been given.

Thank you so much, everyone! My recovery would not be the same without you.