Get outside and

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Adventure starts when you step outside the comfort zone.

Getting outside might seem as simple as walking out the front door, but doing so safely and responsibly can be intimidating and overwhelming. Things like time, money, access, gear, skills, knowledge, and partners can feel like an uphill challenge.

Whether you want to go on a big hike or climb, dream of doing a solo trip, or are simply looking to incorporate fresh air and activity into your daily routine, the what isn’t as important as safely stretching your limits and having fun in the process.

Via coaching we can identify the different obstacles in your path and help you develop the know-how, mindset, and skills to walk confidently towards your goal. Via our outdoor activities you can learn by doing and meet awesome, adventurous people while you’re at it.

Get outside

To gain clarity inside

Feel the rhythm of your feet hitting the ground or turning the pedals. Soak in the sunlight warming your face. Breathe in the fresh air. Notice all the life in the natural world around you.

Break free from the stress and business of the day-to-day. Let your thoughts slow down. Allow your subconscious to connect the dots and see connections that weren’t there before.


Bring the power of the outdoors into your life

Join group activities

I organize activities in Santiago, Chile and in Wisconsin, USA at different times throughout the year. For the day or for the weekend.

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Join an expedition

Spots are open for Mount Kilimanjaro! Join an amazing group and prepare with us, mentally and physically, to tackle this challenge.

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Explore coaching

Move forward on a specific outdoor project or figure out how to incorporate the outdoors more into your lifestyle, no matter what your level is.

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Increase self-sufficiency, responsibility and safety in the outdoors while having fun and growing as a group. Put leadership, communication and teamwork in practice.

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The more you get out, the more you realize what you don’t know. Learn from experts and from others by watching presentations and conversations on diverse outdoor topics.

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Get outside

To find your courage

Stretching your limits in natural places, no matter your level, is the most empowering and rewarding way to realize you are capable of so much more than ever imagined.

Experience after experience, you’ll begin to believe in yourself. This confidence will translate into the courage to take action on changes you want to make in any other area of your life.

Standing in front a breathtaking landscape, knowing your strong mind and strong body are what led you to this magical, hidden place, is one of the most empowering, and humbling, and experiences you can have.

Incorporate these moments into your life and watch how they transform every aspect of how you live.

Not only will you have endless, amazing stories to tell, pictures to show and videos to share, but you’ll discover an untapped level of your own self-awareness, gratitude and confidence.

Through Finding North, I want to help you live a more healthy, happy, adventurous life.

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.

Edmund Hillary


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